June 25, 2009

Peru, Day Three

Ahoy, Mateys! It's His Girl, the Bloggy Pirate, here to update you on Melissa's mission trip to Peru! I was so excited to hear today's update. It sounds like she's having an incredible time, learning, loving, and leaning on God. These are so much fun to read and I bet you'll think so too- keep praying!

Today was AMAZING! We actually were able to go into a public school and share Jesus in the classrooms! I can't imagine ever doing that in America, but they welcomed us. I was able to share my testimony with a group of kids in 6th & 7th grade, and saw many professions of faith. Later we went to one of the many shanty towns and shared. We only got 1 block in an hour, because we were stopping to share with so many. I had 3 young girls (ages 11, 12, and 14) that drew my attention, and I witnessed to them. All 3 accepted Christ, and they say they're coming to church Sunday. I asked them to sit with me, and I hope I see them.

This country is so receptive to the gospel, but there are SO MANY people to reach. It's a gigantic work, but we have a gigantic God!

I have devotions tonight, and am praying that our team will have a wonderful time of sharing. I'm sharing the PERU acronym with them. I can't wait!

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