June 25, 2009

Day 2 in Peru

hi guys, it's the bloggy pirate, His Girl, here... Melissa asked me to post this for you~ please remember to continue to pray for our friend...

Day Two of our time here in Peru has been full of activity and emotion. After a good night’s sleep and morning devotions, we said goodbye to our youth team led by Beverly and Jerry. They’ll be away from us until Monday, and we’re looking forward to hearing how God works through them. We loaded the bus to travel to Gamarrah and hand out tracts & Bibles. I was listening to worship music on my iPod and looking at the Andes Mountains through the window. We hadn’t gotten very far on our journey when I heard a song with the line I will lift my eyes to the Maker of the mountains I can’t climb. I wrote in my journal, God, 14 million people in this place among the mountains – it’s a mountain I can’t climb, but YOU can!
As we went into Gamarrah, I was completely overwhelmed by the number of people. Dirty people. Hopeless people. Hungry people. Never in my life has anyone chased me across the street to get a Bible. The tracts and Bibles we had in our hands were like a treasure to them. Something valuable that they wanted to make sure they had. Between yesterday & today, we’ve handed out over 10,000 tracts and Bibles. Noone on our team has seen anyone throw it away. In fact, we see them reading it immediately…and in those times when we can’t find one of our interpreters, we feel completely hopeless to help. A mountain we can’t climb. Yet God is climbing it. The tracts we are handing out have the phone number of the printing company on the back. That company received approximately 15 phone calls today, asking for directions to the church.
After lunch, we stopped for Brother Mike and Pastor Rob to buy provisions for one of the holding tanks. We went to the tank, expecting to find many abandoned babies and to have a chance to love on them. God had other plans. The babies and toddlers had been moved out because of the flu, so we played volleyball with the young girls there. Their laughter was beautiful. After the game, Jasmine shared her testimony. I watched as some of the girls snickered and paid little attention. But there were some who were desperate, who hung on every word. Their faces revealed lives tougher than any of us could ever imagine, empty hearts who need the love of Jesus. After Pastor Rob explained how they could be saved and led them in a prayer, many of them said they’d prayed with him. Of course, we don’t know…but we are trusting God for the harvest.
Yes, the mountains here are large, but they are not bigger than the Maker. May He continue to move those mountains…not in our time or in our way, but in His.


Carrie said...

Sounds like you are having an AMAZING journey!

THanks to Pirate Girl here for giving us the opportunity to share in it! =)

Lisa writes... said...

I love knowing how I can pray. Thanks so much for posting these updates!