June 24, 2009

My first blogjacking

Is it really blogjacking when you've been authorized to take over someone's blog? No? Well, that's okay. I'm going to pretend anyway :) I like idea of being some sort of blog pirate, aaaarrrrrg!

Silliness aside, I'm writing now to tell you that I got my first email from Melissa, the real author of this blog and my dear friend, yesterday. It was so nice to hear from her and she asked me to pass her message along. Without any further ado... here's the latest from the mission fields of Peru:

Had a great 1st day! I've had only a little sleep after LONG day of travel. We arrived here at 3:15 AM. After playing with the toddlers for a while, we left to go to the Presidential Palace Plaza and hand out tracts. We were able to give out about 1,000 tracts and saw a couple of salvations. Wednesday we get to visit schools and give our testimonies. The poverty here is overwhelming ~ people are hungry for the Lord, though. I will share more as I can.

I am sure you are all with me in being so proud of our friend Melissa. She's being so brave and obedient and I just know that God is going to do such a good work in her! Remember Melissa, her mission team, and her family back at home in your prayers today. I'll be back to post more as the emails come in.


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Lisa writes... said...

Tell Melissa I'm praying! Thanks for the update!