August 11, 2009

Womanly Dominion: Introduction

Recently I learned that the Girltalk gang had chosen Womanly Dominion: more than a gentle and quiet spirit for the latest book club selection. This post by Carolyn Mahaney piqued my interest, so I ordered the book.

We're starting with the Introduction and Chapter 1 this week.

I've read many Christian books on being a godly woman. Most tell us that we need to be little more than doormats for the men in our lives. The submissive wife is seen as meek and weak. Author Mark Chanski disagrees:

He insists that the Bible teaches a woman to take dominion of her God-assigned role as wife, mother, and church helper. No, not in a feminist way, but in a God-glorifying way that speaks volumes about who she is and why God created her. (back cover).
As Chanski points out, Scripture encourages women to be strong and dignified (see Proverbs 31:25). Yet clearly we are do exercise those traits within the boundaries of our God-given roles as women. Chanski uses his mantra for his girls' soccer team, "Play your postition!" and "Win it!"

Play your position means just that - stick to your assignment. God has certain expectations for me as a woman, wife, mother, daughter and sister. I am not to try and fill my husband's shoes or usurp his roles. Likewise, I don't need to concern myself with what God has for other people to do. I am to focus on what He wants for me, and stay in that position. Am I the only woman who has trouble in this area?

Godly women, made in the image of God, must repeatedly remind themselves, "Play your postiion!" They must loyally resolve to stay at their God-assigned posts, to the glory of God, despite the shouts from the misguided cultural sidelines.(pp. 22-23)
Win it is Chanski's code for going after it (whatever it may be) full throttle. Play to win. Don't sit back and be a doormat. Put forth the effort to actually accomplish what you set out to do. Stake your claim for Christ, and don't give in. We are to run the race to win the prize (see 1 Corinthians 9:24). We can't do that if we don't have a win it attitude.

Interested in finding out more? You can click here to read the Girltalk post, and here to order the book. There's still time to join us, so come on!


Vindiciti said...

Sounds interesting. I can't wait to hear more! Don't really have time to pick it up now, maybe during the next downtime that I have...

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed reading your summary!

Lisa writes... said...

Great post! I plan to post my thoughts sometime later today...