December 29, 2009

Around the House: Closing out 2009

I am:

~Still enjoying all things peppermint.

~Loving the cold weather. Wrapping up in a soft blanket with a warm drink & a good book. Simply divine.

~Treasuring my quiet mornings with Jesus by the light of the Christmas tree.

~Not even thinking about taking down the Christmas decorations yet. I love my house at Christmas - this year, more than ever. Because I got a late start, I brought out only the pieces that actually mean something. I can tell you the story behind every decoration...from the angel that topped my tree every year growing up, to the nativity my mother painted for me, to the stocking & snowflakes my grandmother crocheted.  It's been a wonderful change, to be surrounded by the things that I love instead of a bunch of stuff thrown together. Decorating was less stressful and the house doesn't feel nearly as crowded. I've decided that whatever I didn't use this year is going to the consignment store next fall.

~Praying for discernment in many areas of my life.

~Looking forward to the Year of Faith and Freedom and to sharing it with the handful of people who read this blog.

~Contemplating some changes here on the blog. Making changes in my life. More to come on both later.

~Anticipating a long weekend, and January. I love January. This one will include a week at, purging, and generally putting our home back in order. Creating a sanctuary. You can do it, too...join Rachel Anne here to learn more.

~Reading Going Rogue: An American Life, and gaining a new respect for Sarah Palin.

~Searching for a Bible reading plan that's not so completely overwhelming. Any suggestions?

~Wondering what's going on around your house these days. Tell me, please!


Carrie said...

That's so cool that all of your Christmas decorations hold great meaning. Mine really do not up until this year when people finally thought it was a cool idea to gift me with Christmas ornaments (which it is!). I've discovered that it's far more fun to receive ornaments as gifts as an adult than as a kid. Because then everything has even more value, rather than something I just randomly picked up.

At any rate, I am:

- getting over a cold
- taking care of children getting over a cold
- taking every opportunity to curl up in a warm, soft blanket with a book!


Happy new year!

jenmom said...

I am looking forward to the year of Faith and Freedom as well! I am so anticipating God's movement in my family's life this year! Can't wait to share in this with you.
As for the reading plan, I have been searching for one as well as a devotional guide to go along with it. I read a blog and the author posted about different reading plans and a few others were mentioned in the comments to his post:
Maybe that will give you a few to look at. I think I've chosen the one I'll use.
Happy,Blessed New Year to you and your family,

Kelly said...

Sounds very serene and contemplative around your house right now... perfect for January. Blessings in the new year.

Lisa writes... said...

I too am reading "Going Rogue" and I too love the cold weather. We're not getting out of the 30's for the next five days or so! (and all your Canadian readers can go ahead and laugh)

I love my Bible reading plan. True confessions: 2009 marked the first time EVER I've made it the whole way through in a year. I'm starting over again today. It's based on 25 days a month which I know it's all psychological but knowing I have 5 days' of cushion really helps. Here's some links to handy dandy bookmarks to mark off your progress (print on both sides and then cut):

Happy New Year, friend! Our MIRL was a highlight of 2009!

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Happy New Year! you recommend the Palin book?

And I've used the Discipleship Journal Bible reading plan several times. (Google it!) It has you read from 4 places every day (OT/NT/Gospels/Psalms&Proverbs) and has 25 readings per month. That way, you have time to catch up if you get behind. I love it.

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Here's a link: