May 21, 2010

A Period of Adjustment

One week into our new life, we ache from all the adjusting and stretching going on. Some is welcome. Some is painful. All is for our good.

We cautiously feel our way around this new place, discovering things we forgot about each other and ourselves. Perhaps we never knew them.

Doubts hover just below the surface. Is this really happening? Are we actually doing this?

The combination of anxiety-tinged nerves and preteen angst have caused tongues to lash out more easily. Apologies have been just as swift. Grace abounds in this period of adjustment.

The budget is tighter, pinching. Afraid one concession will lead to another, I plot and plan and pray there won't be an ensuing riot.

Quiet time with a good book is harder found. My sin-sick heart is too readily disappointed at this development. 

My soul craves routine. Wonders if our lives will be routine again. I find myself surprisingly satisfied to think they may not be.

How wonderfully strange it is to come home from work, to my people who have begun dinner preparations. Mealtime discussions include a question we ask each night. Where did you see God today? The responses as different as the responders.

With the school year winding down, we find time to examine the garden and play and laugh.

These days are different.



Empty of some things.

Overflowing with others.

Marked by the One called Faithful and True.

Keep on believing...because as a child of God, it is just who you are. - Nancy Guthrie Hoping for Something Better: Refusing to Settle for Life as Usual