July 7, 2010


The benefit of removing hindrances and distractions is a clearer, sharper focus. Peering keenly toward God, I begin to see glimpses of what the future might be. My heart flutters at the possibilities. Nervous, excited, a little scared. The jumble of emotions is tied in the knots of my stomach, straining against the confines of my skin and begging to burst forth.

With our girl safe on her first mission trip, my man and I take a trip to his college campus. We hold hands not like the college sweethearts we never were, but exactly like the fiery ones we are. Behind the veil of my sunglasses, I steal a glance at him. I see him walking this campus, roaming the halls of giant buildings, navigating library stacks. I see beyond the coming months of hard work. I see the man he will be after he's withstood this test, standing tall to proclaim God's work.

I see a young girl watching in admiration as her daddy presses on.

I see a family changed in the shadow of our Lord's glory.

I read RadicalJust Do Something and Prayers Of An Excellent Wife and I am challenged. I see a woman not content with substitutesOh! how I want to be her!

I begin to eat Real Food and my body begins to change. I see a woman no longer craving the manufactured goodness of this world, but hungering deeply for the Lord's goodness and sweetness. Oh! how I want to be her!

These momentary glimpses mark my days, spur me on, and take my breath away.