October 19, 2010

Finding Margin

After the crash, it was time to reevaluate.

I recently heard Dr. Richard Swenson on the radio.  His book Margin: Restoring Emotional, Physical, Financial, and Time Reserves to Overloaded Lives is on my wish list.  I most certainly need to find some space in my life.  I've spent the last week trying to be more intentional with my life, in practical (and maybe not so practical) ways.

My watch battery died.  I didn't go to the jewelers to get a new battery because, for one thing, I have 5 watches. When the battery died, we were in the middle of 3-day rainstorm and I didn't go anywhere but work and home.  I decided I'd wait until I could see land again.  I pulled out the other watches, only to find they all had dead batteries.  So, I just didn't wear a watch.  By the time the rain subsided, I'd found that I really enjoy not wearing one.  I don't constantly check it to see how long I've been waiting in line (and tap my foot and roll my eyes).  I don't look at it to see how quickly I've got to be at the next place or do the next thing.  I'm more relaxed. I may never wear a watch again.

After reading this post of Ann's, I pulled out a dry erase board and put it on an easel.  Each day, we write down what we're thankful for. This practice reminds me to stop and look for God throughout the day.

More classical music, less television in the evenings. It's amazing what a difference that makes in the atmosphere of our home.

We have 30 minutes of designated family time each evening.  After CJ's in bed (if school work allows), I have an hour of uninterrupted time with my man.

I go to bed earlier.

I lowered expectations I had for myself. I've given myself permission to let some things go.

All small things, added together to give big results.

What about you...do you have enough margin in your life? What are your tips?

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Lisa notes... said...

So good! I'm glad you sent me the link. I think I could adapt some of those changes to my own household. Thanks for sharing.