November 9, 2010

Thanksgiving - Day 9

It was wonderful to see her eyes sparkle with laughter. Faint, but noticeable. In the 25 years I've known her, she's always had a gleam in her eye to match her bubbly personality. Her husband's untimely death two months ago extinguished that light.  As we sat around the table recounting stories of our youth, I saw her smile. My heart leapt when I heard the laughter burst forth from her throat.

After she left, I glanced over at my husband.  How many times have I taken him for granted?  How often do I ignore his needs in order to meet my own?  Why don't I cherish him and serve him as if today is our last day together?

Because it could very well be.

Today I am thankful for my husband and the fiery love we share.

*Still giving thanks with Rebecca & Leah.


Becky said...

Praising God with you today for my husband too!

Under His Sun, by His grace,

Trisha said...

I think about this, too. How often I do take my Beloved for granted. Wonderful reminder to enjoy each precious minute God gives us together. So glad your friend could smile.

Lisa notes... said...

We definitely need to enjoy our husbands in the NOW. Time is short. Thanks for the reminder.