September 21, 2011

Autumn Bible Study: Ruth

I've read the Book of Ruth many times over the years. Filled with the stuff fairy tales are made of, this book has always captivated me. Lately I've been digging deeper into the story of the woman grafted into the lineage of Jesus, using Esther and Ruth (Reformed Expository Commentary) and Ruth: Loss, Love, & Legacy.  It's a slow, deliberate, and fascinating journey.

And too good not to share.

Later this week, I'll begin blogging through Ruth.  I hope you'll grab your Bibles and a cup of coffee and dive into God's Word with me.


jenmom said...

We have a women's retreat with the ladies at our church this Thursday through Saturday, so I'll be busy ministering in that way this week. But I will certainly be looking forward to a look at Ruth with you after that!!!

Persis said...

Looking forward to your posts, Melissa!

Lisa writes... said...

I'm looking forward to reading your posts as well. A few years ago I taught through Ruth and Esther using the Reformed Expository Commentary. Good stuff!