October 6, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Praising God for:

~medical professionals who listen thoughtfully

~13 years with my beautiful girl.  We celebrate her birthday tomorrow

~CJ's willingness to fast on her birthday as part of the 30 Hour Famine

~the prayers of friends...always sweet and always necessary

~the beauty of His creation. A storm coming in over the ocean. The pounding of the waves. The majesty of an eagle in flight. Incredible to watch this week.

~traveling mercies

~His forgiveness and grace for a wretch like me

If you fix deep in your understanding the natural goodness of God, even this will fall far short of God’s actual graciousness.
~Richard Baxter


Staci said...

Our church is having a 30 hour famine next month -- on my oldest son's birthday. He's fasting as well.

Persis said...

Birthday greetings to your daughter!

One of these week-ends, we need to meet in Smithfield...