March 2, 2012

Around the House: March

Days grow longer. Jonquils bloom buttery yellow. Temperatures are all over the map.  Signs of Spring's imminent arrival surround me.  In this month of springing forward and celebrating another year of life, I am

Finding delight in reading The Mysterious Benedict Society.

Stretching my mind by listening to The Greater Journey: Americans in Paris.

Preparing my heart by studying Jesus, Keep Me Near the Cross: Experiencing the Passion and Power of Easter and In My Place Condemned He Stood: Celebrating the Glory of the Atonement.

Nourishing my soul by planning this year's garden.

Praising the Lord for a husband who will tend the garden.

And for the growth He's bringing about in my daughter's life. 

Learning something new by watching my girl play field hockey.

Sensitizing my conscience by carefully considering my media choices.

Grappling with my sinful soul and daily seeking His grace.

And continuing to watch...


Persis said...

I'll be checking out some of your books.

I like the idea of a garden but I'm not a very good weeder.

Carrie said...

This is going to be my first year to dabble in a garden. The tricky thing is tending to the yard and garden boxes while I'm not living at home!! Not exactly what I had planned, but it is what it is.

Oh, you have warmed my heart with The Mysterious Benedict Society. =) Glad you are delighting in it!

jenmom said...

"In My Place Condemned He Stood" looks like a very good read! I will have to check that one out!

I am always challenged and encouraged by your posts!