August 20, 2012

Fall Reading List

 Cooler, shorter days lead to cooler, longer nights. As we gear up for the school routine, the promise of quiet evenings curled up with my favorite quilt and a good book brings a smile to my face. I am trying to be more intentional and more productive in my reading, and hoping a reading list will serve as an impetus to meeting this goal.

~Small Wonder because Elizabeth has challenged me to read it.
~Kisses from Katie: A Story of Relentless Love and Redemption because her story touches me to the core.
~The Nine Day Queen of England: Lady Jane Grey because her story intrigues me
~Bringing It To The Table: On Farming and Food because my granddaddy was a farmer & Wendell Berry's writing captivates me.

~Little Women because it's been too long.
~Home because Lisa recommended it.
~Fahrenheit 451: A Novel because it's required for my girl this semester.
~The Giver because it's also required for my girl.

On Audio:
~The Poisonwood Bible because I've heard it's wonderful.
~John Adams because I admire him.
~A Tree Grows in Brooklyn because I've never read it & heard that I should.
~A Room With a View because I know I'll be craving something British.

For Study:
~A Woman's Wisdom: How the Book of Proverbs Speaks to Everything because I'm reading with Jessalyn.
~Gospel Wakefulness because I need it.
~A Proverbs Driven Life: Timeless Wisdom for Your Words, Work, Wealth, and Relationships because I need this, too.
~In Christ Alone: Living the Gospel Centered Life because my life needs a shift in focus.
~Practical Theology for Women: How Knowing God Makes a Difference in Our Daily Lives because I need a difference.



Persis said...

Great list, Melissa!

Desiring Virtue said...

When do you like to listen to audio books? Do you listen to them in the car? I love listening to them, but I rarely drive (we only have one car (!)) so the opportunities for focusing on a story are few and far between. :(

Gospel Wakefulness looks really good!

Becky said...

Love your list.

I have read a few of those and some others I just added to my tbr list :)

I would love to hear how you like The Poisonwood Bible.

Love you <3

Lisa Spence said...

Gospel Wakefulness is fantastic! One of the best I've read this year!

Did I recommend The Discovery? I can't remember! I read it but I didn't love it. A book blogger friend recommended it to me.

A Tree Grows In Brooklyn, now I do recommend that one! And John Adams. Both are wonderful.

Happy reading!