July 31, 2006

Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

Well, I tried. I really did. I promise. I tried to participate in Boomama's Bloggity Homes Tour. I got my digital camera out, took pics, and even uploaded them on the computer (a GIGANTIC step for me!). I couldn't get Blogger to accept them. And I didn't have the time (or sanity) to keep trying. So, no Homes Tour for me :-( I DID check out some of the homes, and loved them all! But I was a lurker. No comments. Again, not enough time.

Thursday, I was wrapping up the summer Bible study I hosted & taught in my home. I won't even go into all the details of my weekend, but I had way too much to do, considering I also had to teach Sunday School (to adults...no fooling them) and prepare to teach Vacation Bible School to 5th & 6th graders last night.

This week, I'll leave work every day, pick CJ up & we'll continue our treck to the Arctic Edge. (Unfortunately, R's working second shift & will miss the fun.) Then we'll come home, I'll get ready for the next day, go to bed and do it all again. We're counting down to Saturday, when we leave for vacation. And it's a beach...but not a nude one, so in the middle of all of this, I've got to get laundry done. And lists made. And necessities purchased. And things packed. And leave things at work in good enough shape so my boss doesn't panic while I'm gone.

Deep breaths. D.E.E.P. B.R.E.A.T.H.S.

So, even though I've come to love you all dearly during my short time of blogging, I'm afraid I won't be around for a couple of weeks. This week...well, you already get the picture of this week. And if I don't crash and burn, next week I'll be in a sleepy North Carolina beach town with a gallon of sunscreen, a beach umbrella & chair, and several good books. No lap top. Just lazy afternoons & nights filled with board games and laughs. Aaahh...sounds like Heaven!

I will surely miss you. I hope you'll miss me a little. And when I get back, maybe...just maybe... Blogger will let me post a few vacation pics!


P.S. - Don't forget to pray for Addison's surgery this week. You can visit her mom, Sarah's, website here.


Girl Raised in the South said...

Hope you have a wonderful time away. Sounds like you need it! I went camping for the weekend, no internet in the woods, and it was nice. We all need a break now and then. Hope you come back refreshed. Thanks for the plug for prayer for sweet Addison.

keri said...

have a nice vacation!!!!!

sobeit said...

I hope that Vacation Bible School goes well and that you have a wonderful time on your vacation!


GiBee said...

You have a wonderful vacation, ya here!