May 15, 2008

Tidbits of Life

I am:

~Thinking that Belgian White Chocolate Macadamia Creamer may entice me to keep drinking coffee during the summer

~Hardly believing we'll be celebrating our 15th anniversary two weeks from today. Click here to read the story of our courtship, and here to see why I love that man so!

~Still enjoying the front porch, and the petunias CJ gave me for Mother's Day. My grandmother kept petunias planted at her back door, and the fragrance always makes me think of her

~Looking forward to a ride this weekend...the first of the season!

~Anxiously counting down the weeks til school's out (four more to go). I'm really over 4th grade!

~Happy that I picked up $57 from the consignment store this week. I'd like to drop off some more things soon...I really need to weed through my clothing

~Planning to finish the attic purge by the end of the month

~Thankful that I helped a friend by keeping her 2-year old son this evening. He's a sweetie, and he calls me, "Aunt Lis"!

~Wondering how to stretch our budget to cover the extra gas & food expense. Any good ideas?

~Leaving the computer to go snuggle with my man


Janelle said...

Great tidbits. I, too, am counting down the days of school. I was done with 1st grade weeks ago. They have worked those kids to the bone and they have nothing left!!

Enjoy the snuggles.

Alana said...

If you find any tips on stretching the budget for gas and food...please share them with me, too!!

Leah said...

Fun list, Melissa! Hope you got your snuggling in. That creamer sounds pretty yummy. I might have to try and sneak one more bottle in before it gets too hot for coffee here. =)

Jill said...

I am usually a big fan of coffee - and creamer! - but since I've been sick coffee is very unappealing. I hope I get my taste for it back soon. The creamer sounds delish!

Mrs.Naz@BecomingMe said...

Great post Melissa!!!

Tracy said...

Love this post! Especially the line..."Leaving the computer to go snuggle with my man." Precious.

If I come up with any ideas to help stretch your budget that you're not already doing...I'll let you know. = )