October 14, 2008

Is There a Point to All of This?

~In response to Lisa's comment about our Sunday dinners on the china, I must confess that I put the china in the dishwasher. As I told Lisa, I'd much rather have china that shows a little wear and tear than having it sit in the china cabinet, pristine but unused. It's something small that sets Sundays apart, makes me feel special, and reminds me of my childhood (I have my mom's china, as well as our wedding china).

~I've just started Can We Talk: Soul-Stirring Conversations with God by Priscilla Shirer. She calls it an un-Bible study. It's just reading Scriptures and talking to God about it. Really digging into the Word. It's fantabulous, and I highly recommend it.

~The first week of the study is about the tongue. OUCH! I've been convicted of how much I complain. I'm trying to stop it. Something happened yesterday that nearly sent me over the edge. I promised God I wouldn't mention it to anyone. Oh, it was HARD. There were times I nearly made by tongue bleed for biting it. By God's strength alone, I kept my commitment. God has shown me today that He's got it under control. If I'd followed my standard mode of operation, I would've told so many people about it...whining about how unfortunate I was (when, in reality, that's not altogether true...or even slightly true). Complaining would have served no purpose, except to make others think, Well, Melissa's at it again. I sure wish she'd stop being so negative all the time. I'm glad I didn't put that poison out there for others to have to deal with!

~I've created an Amazon store. It's in the sidebar. Just sharing some of my favorite things with you...because I'm nice like that.

~I'm still woefully behind in reading, but am working to catch up. I've got a couple of reviews coming later in the week.

~Last week, I was lamenting (okay...complaining) that this was going to be such a busy week. I had scheduled myself to be away from home three weeknights in a row. I knew I'd made a mistake and overextended myself. An unfortunate turn of events has given me a night back. While I'm truly sorry about the circumstances, I am grateful that I'm able to be home tonight.

~CJ & I worked in the attic this weekend. We're getting there! The fall clothes are sorted & ready to take to consignment this week. We have 3 plastic bins, 2 boxes, and several bags to sort through...and we're done with the initial purge! Then we'll start organizing what's left. I'm sure I'll get rid of even more things along the way. I can't wait to post the before & after pics. I know this has taken a long time, but no climate control makes this task a seasonal one...not to mention the fact that my Saturdays are usually devoted to homekeeping rather than "extra" jobs.

~Praying friends, both far and near, are one of life's greatest blessings. I've asked Alyce, Alana, Joanne, and Lisa to pray for me about some stuff. Ugly stuff. The kinds of stuff you can only share with true friends. And not one of them judged me or made me feel guilty...they've just loved on me, and I'm so thankful. (I'd be even more thankful if Alyce would love on me through her spiritual gift of baking. I'm just sayin'.)

I guess that's about it for now. Happy Tuesday, everyone.


much2ponder said...

I'm glad to hear you have people who love you through the hard stuff. That is so vital. Praise the Lord he knew all along just who they would be.

Joanne (The Simple Wife) said...

If you lived closer, I'd totally bake you an apple pie. I think I have an addiction!

Much love,

Lisa writes... said...

It's my privilege to intercede on your behalf...and knowing turnabout is fair play makes the blessing all the more sweet! :-)

Alyce said...

I got the hint ;-)

do you like pumpkin??

Alana said...

Well, since you pray for as well, I kind of think we're even. I love that we have that kind of relationship even out here in cyberspace.

I can hold my own with the complaining and negativity, too. Sometimes I don't blog because I know it will just turn out as complaining ;-)

Kelly said...

Thanks for sharing on the Pricilla Shirer study--I have looked at this one.

Will be praying, as well:)