March 11, 2009

As a Wife...

In an effort to fairly and honestly answer Jennifer's question, I asked for R's input. Boy, was that a fun conversation! Seriously, he blessed my socks off with his response.

You're sensitive to my needs.

Never in a million years did I think that would be his answer. But it was. I promise. I'm guessing it was because the day I asked was a good example of what he meant. He returned home from Mississippi late Thursday, and started second shift on Monday. To say we've hardly seen each other is an understatement. I asked him to lunch this week, and he was happy to oblige. There, in the middle of Subway, we reconnected and gave our relationship enough nourishment to make it through the next couple of days. I knew we needed that time together, and found a way to make it happen.

I wish I could tell you that's always the case. Unfortunately, more often than not, I'm selfish and self-important. I don't put him first. I don't pursue his needs and happiness ahead of my own. Somehow, he loves me anyway.

If I'm a good wife, it's only because I've got a great husband. He extends grace and encourages me to follow the Lord's leading on my life. As CJ said tonight at dinner, "I don't know what we'd do without that man."

Amen, baby, amen!

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Leah said...

You will not believe this, but hubby and I had a date just yesterday at Subway!! Freaky?